Tai nghe H012A

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H012A is a cost effective dual earphone headset for ATCOM IP phones, It frees your hands and reduce interference environmental noise during phones calls. 
H012A is compatible with all ATCOM IP phone models.

Giá tham khảo: Call

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Speaker Parameters

  • Sensitivity: 110 ± 3dB(1kHz under 178MV)
  • Speaker impedance: 150% ± 15% Ω (1kHz)
  • Frequency response: 100Hz - 10KHz
  • Distortion: 3% (1kHz under 178MV)
  • Ear-cap size: Ф30mm 

Microphone Parameters

  • Sensitivity: -57 ± 2dB (2v, 2.2kΩ, 1kHz)
  • Distortion: 5% (1kHz under 178MV)
  • Microphone size: Ф6 x 2.7mm
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